The CCG Roadmap

Welcome to the Card Carrying Geeks Roadmap, a document which outlines the plans I have for growing the site as an information site for D&D (including Critical Role specifics), other tabletop gaming, video gaming and other geeky related topics. Feel free to contact us through Twitter @CriticalMole or Facebook.

Critical Mole

In addition to providing an up to date list of the videos released in the Critical Role library we have a few other things in the pipeline.

  • Character Bios
  • Player Bios
  • Episode Reviews
  • Fan Art, their artists and their Twitch Streams

Dungeons & Flagons

Current plans mainly extend around expanding the current HomeBrew section.

  • HomeBrew Monsters
  • HomeBrew Races
  • HomeBrew Classes
  • Tools to aid both players and DM’s.
  • Details on Twitch Streamed player games

On the TableTop

On the Tabletop will be dedicated to all forms of TableTop based gamery, whether that come in the form of Board, Cards, Dice or Minis.

  • Reviews
  • News
  • Home Rules of Interest
  • More…

Welcome Player 1

Video Games for all the masses, and even the possibility of a CriticalMole twitch stream as I play some of them.

  • News
  • Reviews
  • Hints & Tricks
  • Blind Speculation

Other Geekery

As well as this we plan on bringing anything of interest that we find in the realms of the geekery.

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